A shiny golden brass Pyrite cluster in a cubic formation and metallic lustre.

Pyrite Meaning: Stay Gold

Pyrite’s glistening facets encourage the reflection of your self-worth and potential. Releasing thoughts of inadequacy and scarcity, it increases the confidence to step into your brilliance and share your gifts with the world. Its golden ray inspires creative ideas for generating abundance. By giving yourself the permission to prosper, you unleash the power to manifest a life of greatness.

Also known as ‘Fool’s Gold,’ Pyrite attracts luck and money. However, don’t be fooled by only seeking material wealth, for true prosperity lies in the abundance of wisdom, memories, love and relationships achieved over a lifetime. Its high vibration activates the solar plexus chakra, strengthening the will and directing energy into action. Igniting the Divine masculine energy within, it increases your drive to face difficult challenges and see things through to completion.

Grounding to the Earth, it conducts a renewed energy through the body, reestablishing balance and increasing vitality. Its shimmering presence, like a protective armour, deflects negative influences and harm from the aura. Deepening your appreciation of how far you’ve come on your journey, Pyrite maintains the focus and determination to one day strike gold.

Pyrite Properties

Pyrite Chakras

Pyrite Physical Characteristics

A shiny golden brass appearance that forms in a cubic structure. Sizes vary from small druzy to large clusters or single cubes.

Pyrite Geographic Locations

Worldwide with larger deposits in Italy, Peru, Spain and USA.

Pyrite crystal properties are Confidence, Ambition and Gratitude with affirmation stating I am worthy of infinite abundance and prosperity.

Pyrite Zodiac Signs

Pyrite Planets

Pyrite Elements

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