Red Jasper

Red Jasper tumble stone in a rusty red with grey veins.

Red Jasper Meaning: Vitality Booster

Channeling the loving energies of Mother Earth, Red Jasper emphasizes the importance of nurturing yourself to achieve balance, good health and well-being. It supports the healing from a traumatic experience by providing insight to your inner demons and releasing feelings of shame and guilt. Supporting your inner-self, Red Jasper gathers the courage to face dreaded obstacles and intimidating situations that are standing in the way of your growth.

Stimulating the root chakra, Red Jasper awakens Kundalini energy to rise and infuses the body with a spirited life force. This surge of vitality cleanses the aura and revives the inner drive for pursuing any goal. Energizing the sacral chakra, it opens a flow of creative ideas and inspiration for bringing your dreams into reality. Increasing strength and endurance, it empowers your focus and determination to see things through to completion.

Red Jasper Properties

Red Jasper Chakras

Red Jasper Physical Characteristics

An opaque and dense rusty red stone with banded inclusions of other minerals.

Red Jasper Geographic Locations


Red Jasper properties are Nurturing, Vitality and Strength with affirmation stating I grow stronger everyday.

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Red Jasper Planets

Red Jasper Elements

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