A Rhodochrosite stone slab with a blend of light pink, rose red and white veins and lace-like bands.

Rhodochrosite Meaning: Wholehearted Love

Rhodochrosite amplifies the purest vibration of love in all its forms. Developing a deeper appreciation for who you are, it increases self-awareness to recognize your worth and infinite potential. Connecting to the core of your being, Rhodochrosite nurtures your inner child and gently opens the heart chakra to resurface buried emotions for healing.

In the pursuit of acceptance, a child shapes their behaviour for condition-based approval and during this process, a genuine part of them is locked away. Rhodochrosite is the loving key that frees this treasured part of you, revealing your unique gifts and talents. With patience and compassion, it releases the self-limiting beliefs that were once used as a defensive strategy but now prevents your heart from expanding and experiencing love at its fullest.

Reclaiming your sense of wonder, this joyful stone uplifts the spirit and gathers the confidence to attract romance. Restoring your innately loving nature, Rhodochrosite offers the courage to be vulnerable and opens your heart to loving yourself and others unconditionally.

Rhodochrosite Properties

Rhodochrosite Chakras

Rhodochrosite Physical Characteristics

An opaque to translucent stone with a blend of light pink, rose red and white veins/bands. It can form as tubular stalactites, which resemble a grapefruit pattern and very rarely it is found in a crystallized structure.

Rhodochrosite Geographic Locations

Largest deposits are found in Argentina. Also found in Russia, South Africa and USA.

Rhodochrosite crystal properties are Love, Emotional Healing and Joy with affirmation stating I forgive the past and open my heart to love.

Rhodochrosite Zodiac Signs

Rhodochrosite Planets

Rhodochrosite Elements

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