Rose Quartz

A light pink, glassy and transparent rough Rose Quartz crystal.

Rose Quartz Meaning: Pure Love

Rose Quartz embodies the essence of unconditional love. It inspires self-acceptance by recognizing your unique inner beauty and nurtures a genuine appreciation for yourself. Encouraging compassion and understanding, it develops meaningful friendships and strengthens a family bond. Its loving vibration attracts new romance and can reignite passion between partners.

Bringing the heart chakra into balance, Rose Quartz calms the body into a state of infinite peace. Releasing stress and resentment, it supports emotional healing for overcoming trauma and heartbreak. Its soothing energy promotes forgiveness as you restore trust in others. By facing the fear of rejection and acknowledging your insecurities, you become more receptive to true love and happiness.

Rose Quartz Properties

Rose Quartz Chakras

Rose Quartz Physical Characteristics

A glassy translucent pink variety of quartz, normally found in large masses. Colour varies from light pale pink to rose red.

Rose Quartz Geographic Locations

Worldwide with large deposits in Brazil, India, Madagascar, South Africa and USA.

Rose Quartz crystal properties are Love, Emotional Healing and Calm with affirmation stating I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love.

Rose Quartz Zodiac Signs

Rose Quartz Planets

Rose Quartz Elements

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