A hexagonal-shaped dark pink rough Ruby stone with beige inclusions.

Ruby Meaning: A Burning Desire

Ruby arises an enthusiasm for life and empowers you to do what makes you feel most alive. It urges you to listen to your intuition as the internal compass to following your bliss. Ideas and opportunities may come in many forms but you will know it’s the right direction if it raises excitement and joy within your heart. 

Developing trust in yourself and your abilities, Ruby gathers the courage to take the first step towards living your dream. It may be a winding road, but the adventure is its own reward that will open you to new possibilities. Bringing vital life force and energy to the body, it raises the confidence and motivation to pursue your goals.

Its pure vibration fuels the belief of an abundant mindset and depletes the fear of scarcity and self-doubt. Awakening the expression of passion, Ruby’s vibrant red ray stimulates the imagination and sensual desires. This burning fire within can reignite a spark from a fizzling romance or attract an exciting new partner.

Ruby Properties

Ruby Chakras

Ruby Physical Characteristics

A variety of corundum in a vibrant pinkish-red colour that is caused by trace amounts of chromium. It forms in transparent to translucent rhombohedral crystals with a glossy lustre. Some specimens contain titanium oxide that cause light to diffuse in a six-pointed star shape, known as ‘Star Ruby.’

Ruby Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, USA, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

Ruby crystal properties are Vitality, Courage and Passion with affirmation stating My dreams are the fuel that power my life.

Ruby Zodiac Signs

Ruby Planets

Ruby Elements

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