Seraphinite is a dense and opaque dark green stone with silver feather patterns.

Seraphinite Meaning: Divine Presence

Seraphinite’s shimmering feather-like fibres have a brilliant resemblance to the wings of an angel. Emanating divine love and joy, its name attributes to Seraphim, the heavenly beings of the highest angelic class. Centering your energy in line with the Light, it promotes wholeness and healing for the body, mind, spirit, and Earth.

Activating the Divine feminine power within, Seraphinite awakens the kundalini life force to rise through the body. Clearing each chakra as it ascends, it re-balances the heart by dissolving emotional attachments and old patterns that no longer serve you. This release creates space for a renewed sense of self, deepening gratitude for the achievements and tribunals that empowered your growth.

Raising awareness to the higher realms, Seraphinite invites the presence of angels, nature spirits, and other enchanted beings. Illuminating aspects of yourself that require change, it advances your spiritual growth in this lifetime and the evolution of your soul. Embracing a connection with the Earth, it teaches to love all beings wholeheartedly and to live with others in a balanced state of harmony.

Seraphinite Properties

Seraphinite Chakras

Seraphinite Physical Characteristics

A dense and opaque dark green stone with silver feather-like patterns. Reflecting light, it displays an iridescent sheen known as chatoyancy. Alternative spelling is Serafina and Serafinite.

Seraphinite Geographic Locations

Only found in Siberia, Russia.

Seraphinite crystal properties are Divine Connection, Wholeness, and Growth with affirmation stating I am surrounded and supported by angels.

Seraphinite Zodiac Signs

Seraphinite Planets

Seraphinite Elements

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