A round and polished Serpentine tumble stone with a blend of green, yellow and white patches.

Serpentine Meaning: Evolutionary Energy

Serpentine embodies the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth. Grounding to our planet’s stabilizing energies, it increases vitality and enhances overall well-being. It carries the life force of nature, deepening your connection to all living things and facilitating communication with beings of the Devic realm. It holds the evolutionary history of the world, revealing ancient wisdom to be applied towards your personal growth.

Revisiting past lives and inherited karma, Serpentine releases repetitive patterns to allow for deep emotional healing. Awakening the Serpent Power within, Serpentine opens the flow of Kundalini energy. Transcending through all of the chakras, it clears away blockages and arises to an expanded state of consciousness. Reestablishing harmony and balance within the body, Serpentine brings you into alignment with your life’s purpose.

Serpentine Properties

Serpentine Chakras

Serpentine Physical Characteristics

An opaque stone with a waxy lustre, resembling the colour and texture of snake skin. Various shades of green with yellow, black and white blotchy/veined patches, due to other mineral inclusions.

Serpentine Geographic Locations

Found in abundance worldwide. Larger deposits in Canada, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, UK and USA.

Serpentine crystal properties are Vitality, Connection and Transformation with affirmation stating I am one with the Earth and in tune with the flow of life.

Serpentine Zodiac Signs

Serpentine Planets

Serpentine Elements

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