Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite is a translucent clear to pale yellow crystals with long, sharp terminations.

Stellar Beam Calcite Meaning: The Force is Within

Stellar Beam Calcite harnesses scattered forces into a single point of light. Directing this energy throughout the body, it dissipates densities that are obstructing your channels of insight. Focusing on the mind’s eye, it takes you deep into the space where the source lies.

Flooding the aura with its luminous golden glow, Stellar Beam Calcite brings healing to the harmful patterns inhibiting you from moving forward in life. Enhancing dreamwork and meditation, it harmonizes the vibrations of your body, heart, and mind to raise your frequency to a higher state of consciousness.

Strengthening your connection to the divine, Stellar Beam Calcite creates a foundation for manifesting intentions and experiencing your higher power. Welcoming the guidance of your angels and spirit guides, it recalls wisdom from past lives and aligns you with your soul’s calling.

Unlocking cosmic portals for astral travel, Stellar Beam Calcite illuminates your journey as you explore the dimensions of the etheric realm. Embodying the essence of the stars, it empowers you to embrace your divinity by expanding your light from within.

Stellar Beam Calcite Properties

Stellar Beam Calcite Chakras

Stellar Beam Calcite Physical Characteristics

Translucent clear to pale yellow crystals with long, sharp terminations. Also known as ‘Dogtooth Calcite’ because clusters resemble canine teeth. It may contain rainbow inclusion or form double-terminated crystals.

Stellar Beam Calcite Geographic Locations

Notable locations are UK and USA.

Stellar Beam Calcite Zodiac Signs

Stellar Beam Calcite Planets

Stellar Beam Calcite Elements

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