Sugilite is a vibrant purple stone often containing black or brown manganese marbling.

Sugilite Meaning: The Power of Love

Sugilite resonates with the purest form of love. Cultivating compassion and self-acceptance, it empowers you to live your truth by honouring your heart’s desires. It emphasizes the freedom to be who you are because your existence has meaning and your presence is essential on this Earth.

For many, realizing their purpose is a path that is still unfolding. Dissolving feelings of hopelessness and despair, Sugilite teaches you that the struggles you face are the lessons you’ve chosen for your soul’s evolution. Providing insights into your dreams and inner knowing, it gently releases negative beliefs and offers forgiveness for past hardships.

Chronic dis-ease and psychological distress are the results of an absence of love. Grounding Divine light through the crown to the root chakra, Sugilite dissipates feelings of discomfort while shifting your awareness to the present moment. Forming a shield with its violet ray, it deflects all forms of hostility, enabling you to step into your unique self and take on the world.

Sugilite Properties

Sugilite Chakras

Sugilite Physical Characteristics

This vibrant purple stone is usually found in massive form and often containing black or brown manganese marbling. Its color ranges from a pale lilac-pink to a dark magenta-violet. Formations of tiny prismatic crystals, known as ‘gel,’ are extremely rare. Also referred to as Luvulite, Lavulite, and Royal Azel.

Sugilite Geographic Locations

Most Sugilite comes from the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It has also found in Australia, Canada, India, Italy, and Japan.

Sugilite crystal properties are Love, Spiritual Growth, and Purpose with affirmation stating I am beautiful, whole and embody love.

Sugilite Zodiac Signs

Sugilite Planets

Sugilite Elements

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