Tektite is a small translucent to opaque meteoric rock.

Tektite Meaning: A Cosmic Quest

Born of stardust, Tektite is formed by a meteorite colliding with the Earth. This union between the great cosmos and our planet encompasses a harmonious balance of Yin & Yang forces. Carrying galactic light, it activates all of the chakras, removing any blocks to create a free-flow of energy throughout the body.

Resonating at a high frequency, Tektite raises your vibration and expands the aura to attract likeminded people into your life. Heightening intuition, it invites psychic visions by facilitating astral travel, lucid dreaming and dream recall. Strengthening telepathic abilities, it opens transmission to other dimensions for receiving knowledge from beings beyond the physical realm.

A catalyst for spiritual growth, Tektite enhances awareness by taking you on a journey deep within your self. It promotes an understanding to the root cause of your current situation and encourages discernment in how you should proceed. Guiding the path towards your purpose, it brings you in alignment with your higher self and inspires your soul’s expansion.

Tektite Properties

Tektite Chakras

Tektite Physical Characteristics

Small translucent to opaque meteoric rock. The impact created a natural brown-black glass with a texture resembling mini craters like the moon’s surface.

Tektite Geographic Locations

Found worldwide in areas caused by meteor impacts. Most well-known localities are in Australia, China, Northwest Africa and Southeast Asia.

Tektite crystal properties are Balance, Awareness and Psychic Vision with affirmation stating I am in tune with the universe and guided by the stars.

Tektite Zodiac Signs

Tektite Planets

Tektite Elements

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