Tiger Eye

A lustrous Tiger Eye tumble stone with horizontal banded layers of brown, orange and gold.

Tiger Eye Meaning: Go Forth and Be Fierce

Tiger Eye inspires you to be fearless in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire. Bringing to light your unique talents and abilities, it unleashes a creative ambition to set out and start living your dream. Taking criticism as a loving lesson and dissolving feelings of shame and disappointment, Tiger Eye harnesses the courage to act now.

Transforming fear into strength, it empowers you to stand your ground when the going gets tough. Developing a strong will to power through life’s challenges, Tiger Eye provides wisdom and insight to take effective action. Uniting the body and mind, it enhances the ability of practical reasoning to make confident decisions under good judgement. 

Tiger Eye stabilizes your emotional state by harmonizing the centre of life force in the body. Teaching self control, it brings awareness to your needs versus your wants and redirects your energy to accomplishing your goals. Facilitating peaceful cooperation, Tiger Eye withholds your pride and the need to have power over others. Resolving differences by accepting other people’s point of view, it restores balance for the common good.

Tiger Eye Properties

Tiger Eye Chakras

Tiger Eye Physical Characteristics

An opaque lustrous stone with alternating brown and gold bands that reflects light in a ‘cat’s eye’ optical effect.

Tiger Eye Geographic Locations

Largest deposit are in South Africa. Also found in Australia, India, Namibia and USA.

Tiger Eye crystal properties are Courage, Strength and Wisdom with affirmation stating I hold the power to shape my own destiny.

Tiger Eye Zodiac Signs

Tiger Eye Planets

Tiger Eye Elements

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