A bright blue-green Turquoise stone in a nodular shape with black cracks and veins.

Turquoise Meaning: Write Your Own Story

Turquoise is the oldest stone known to humankind. Its records date back to ancient Egypt and it has been treasured by many cultures as a talisman for protection and a symbol of Heaven on Earth. Uniting the spiritual and physical worlds, it heightens intuition and facilitates past life exploration. Bringing vitality to the body, mind and spirit, its energy clears all of the chakras and fills you with a sense of inner peace.

Activating the throat chakra, Turquoise empowers you to tell your story. Encouraging self-reflection, it embraces all of your life experiences to be recognized as essential lessons along your journey. Accepting your achievements and failures as a whole will inspire your authentic voice. Your words of wisdom carry many truths and as they touch the hearts of others, it will bring unity and hope to the world.

Turquoise Properties

Turquoise Chakras

Turquoise Physical Characteristics

An opaque nodular stone in varying shades of blue and green resulting from the amounts of copper and iron. Often veined with a waxy lustre and may include flecks of pyrite. Be aware that some specimens on the market are dyed Magnesite and Howlite.

Turquoise Geographic Locations

Afghanistan, Australia, Chile, China, Egypt, France, India, Iran, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia and USA.

Turquoise crystal properties are Communication, Truth and Wholeness with affirmation stating I embrace all experiences as opportunities to grow.

Turquoise Zodiac Signs

Turquoise Planets

Turquoise Elements

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