Transparent to translucent, Ulexite forms parallel fibrous crystals. Known for its fiberoptic properties of displaying an image through a sliced and polished surface.

Ulexite Meaning: Paradigm Shift

Awakening a curious mind, Ulexite promotes quick thinking, absorbing new information, and simplifying complex problems. Elevating the imagination, it unlocks the gateway to creativity, facilitating a constant flow of inspiration and new ideas. Seeing through the illusions of fear and dis-empowerment imposed by society, Ulexite inspires the creation of your reality.

This luminous crystal has a unique optical ability to project an image through the stone. This embodiment and reflection of light harmonize the frequencies of the subtle bodies, uniting the aura into perfect synergy. Offering a clear and truthful perspective of your divine nature, it serves as a reminder that we are multidimensional beings.

Enhancing meditation and dreamwork, Ulexite allows you to look within and connect with your inner knowing. Perceiving beyond the naked eye, it invites the exploration of non-physical realms and journeying to other worlds. Developing telepathic and clairvoyant abilities, it increases the occurrences of communicating with spirit guides and distant entities.

Ulexite Properties

Ulexite Chakras

Ulexite Physical Characteristics

Also known as T-V Rock or TV Stone for its fiberoptic properties of displaying an image through a sliced and polished surface. Transparent to translucent, it forms parallel fibrous crystals. Colour ranges from pearlescent white to colourless. Another formation is in small nodular masses resembling cotton balls.

Ulexite Geographic Locations

Found in desert climates, most notable in Chile, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and USA.

Ulexite Zodiac Signs

Ulexite Planets

Ulexite Elements

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