Unakite is light green and pink granite rock.

Unakite Meaning: Time Heals All Wounds

Unakite promotes a vibrant and healthy life by empowering you to heal from within. Its heart healing energy nurtures a balance between the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies. Restoring an aligned state of being, it offers insight into the past for addressing the root cause of dis-ease.

Repressed emotions and painful memories can develop physical symptoms and illness within the body. Dissolving these energetic blocks, Unakite infuses renewed strength and vitality to support the recovery process. Encouraging patience and persistence it teaches you to be present by truly acknowledging your feelings.

Resurfacing distressing events and circumstances, Unakite eases the release of anger, sadness, guilt and resentment. It asks you to let go of destructive habits and repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours that hinder you from moving forward. Look to the future as an opportunity to live your most fulfilled life by using the past as lessons to how you can better yourself.

Unakite Properties

Unakite Chakras

Unakite Physical Characteristics

An opaque granite rock that is primarily composed of pistachio green Epidote with traces of salmon pink Feldspar and Clear Quartz. This mottled stone is also referred to as ‘Epidotized’ or ‘Epidote Granite.’

Unakite Geographic Locations

Largest deposits are found in the USA. Also mined in Brazil, China, Sierra Leone and South Africa.

Unakite properties are Balance, Release and Growth with affirmation stating I promise to forever continue to heal myself.

Unakite Zodiac Signs

Unakite Planets

Unakite Elements

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