A burnt-orange Vanadinite stone forming in clusters of small hexagonal-shaped prismatic crystals.

Vanadinite Meaning: Inspired Action

Raising enthusiasm, Vanadinite opens the flow of inspiration to allow your creative endeavours to come into fruition. Connecting to the root chakra, its energy grounds to the Earth to establish a strong centre and foundation. Aligning to the third eye, it directs your energy towards defining a clear intention and forming an effective plan of action.

Boosting vitality, Vanadinite increases stamina and determination when pursuing your goals. Whether you are meeting a work deadline or competing in a marathon, Vanadinite ignites the inner drive to strive for the finish line. 

Its fiery energy stimulates the sacral chakra and awakens the physical side of your sensuality. Freeing the mind and reconnecting to your body, Vanadinite empowers you to become more in tune with your desires.

Vanadinite Properties

Vanadinite Chakras

Vanadinite Physical Characteristics

A dense and brittle mineral forming in small hexagonal-shaped prismatic crystals. Colours range from a brown-red to a burnt orange which is caused by its high lead content. Lead is considered toxic and this specimen should be handled with care.

Vanadinite Geographic Locations

Larger deposits found in Argentina, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, USA and Zambia.

Vanadinite crystal properties are Creativity, Vitality and Passion with affirmation stating I have the infinite potential to succeed.

Vanadinite Zodiac Signs

Vanadinite Planets

Vanadinite Elements

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