Muscovite forms a pearly yellow delicate cluster of tabular crystals.

Muscovite Meaning: Self-Reflection

Muscovite brings a profound insight to life’s experiences. It embraces an enlightened perspective of the past with a positive outlook for the future. Promoting emotional balance, it encourages you to let go of any preconceived notions and welcome divine inspiration. By noticing your stress triggers, it teaches you to consciously choose your thoughts and act with integrity.

Opening inner vision, Muscovite expands awareness to enhance psychic perception. Attuning to the higher self, it gently receives intuitive information without feeling overwhelmed. Growing confidence in your decision-making abilities, it elevates the mind to elicit deep thought and understand complex ideas with ease.

Its protective abilities secures the aura from negative attachments and psychic attacks. This makes it extremely beneficial for empaths or highly sensitive individuals who tend to absorb negativity and stress from other people.

Muscovite Properties

Muscovite Chakras

Muscovite Physical Characteristics

Forms in delicate thin layers of tabular crystals that are transparent to translucent with a pearlescent lustre. Most specimens are white, grey or colourless and less frequently red, brown or yellow. The yellow variety forms in clusters resembling a star pattern and is also known as ‘Gold Star Muscovite’ or ‘Golden Muscovite.’

Muscovite Geographic Locations

Austria, Brazil, India, Russia, Switzerland and USA.

Muscovite crystal properties are Insight, Clarity and Protection with affirmation stating I have clarity about the deeper truths of life.

Muscovite Zodiac Signs

Muscovite Planets

Muscovite Elements

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